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Casafina Cook & Host Collection
baker baker baker platter dip
Cook & Host is the ideal collection for the gifted host. From a charming array of bakeware pieces, to diversified serveware and also a new ruffled-shaped dinnerware, the collection is the perfect choice for every hostess and party lover.
Casafina Impressions Collection
11-5d 9d 9-5d 6-5d mug
Classic French country shapes are the foundation of the Impressions collection. We've added texture with both a hand-sponged glaze and an antiqued border. Both colors are offered with this unique surface treatment. For special occasions, choose the right amount of sparkle to make an “impression” with hand-painted 18 Karat Gold plates (charger, salad, and bread plates).
Casafina Taormina Collection
10-75d 8-5d 8-5d 6d mug

 Taormina collection is all about fun, fashionable and bright days. Durable enough for everyday use and beautiful enough for any special occasion each piece is constructed of solid color fine stoneware with a contrasting reactive border. No two pieces of Taormina will be identical, making each table setting a unique one.

Casafina Ibiza Collection
11d 8-75d 8-5d d mug dish

Ibiza showcases a special artistry found only in European stoneware. Each piece is coated with an artful reactive glaze and high-fired to create a unique constellation of milky speckles over solid interiors. The white exterior enhances its minimalistic styling, allowing the spectacular interior finish to take center stage. 

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