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Big Wavy Vase w/ Rose
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Courtney Peters handmade vase

6.5" Tall x 4.5" Wide

9.75" diameter x 5" height
Small square dish with rose
Sold Out

6" x 6" handmade dish with rose

food safe, and perfect for rings and jewelry as well!


15.5" x 11.5" 

Food, Microwave, and Oven safe.



Courtney Peters plate with 3 roses 

food, oven, and microwave safe



Courtney Peters hand built cereal bowls, or for any accessories!

Food, microwave, and oven safe.



Courtney Peters round pie dish with handles.

13" x 10"

Food safe, and microwave/oven safe.


Rose on Acrylic
Sold Out

Courtney Peters small rose on 2" x 1" high square acrylic.


Rose on Square Gold Base
Sold Out

Courtney Peters rose on square gold metal base.

7" sq at largest width 

Small Rectangular Platter with 2 flowers
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Courtney Peter hand built platter with 2 roses.

All our ceramics are food safe, and over/ microwave safe.

They should be fine in dish washer, but I suggest hand washing.


Square dish with rose
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Courtney Peters small square dish with rose... Perfect for jewelry or small appetizers!

6" x 6"

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